Infrastructure for an 86-acre site

APM Terminals (APMT) is a global terminal organization that handles the transshipment of approximately 2.5 million containers per year at the Port of Rotterdam. In realizing a new transshipment site on the Second Maasvlakte, APMT had one big ambition. It was to be the most sustainable and safest container terminal, to be realized within limited time and at a reasonable price. The construction of the infrastructure was granted to the combination TigeR (GMB, Dura Vermeer and Imtech). Dura Vermeer's experience at Schiphol Airport was a factor that weighed heavily in this choice.

APM Terminal Mg 0092

Lots of space

The terminal of 86 acres will be accessible to the latest generation of 18,000 TEU container ships.

APM Terminal Mg 0107

A challenge

The transshipment site provides a 20m-deep water quay over a length of nearly 3 kilometres.

Smart and integrated approach

Building the terminal's infrastructure in a construction period of a year and a half with full focus on safety aspects was a major challenge. For an 86-acre site, this meant the completion of two soccer fields a week. To save time, pavement constructions were mixed on site rather than at a plant. In addition, an integrated approach was chosen which meant that disciplines (civil, installations, ICT) were merging rather than succeeding each other. Construction logistics and sustainability were a smart process. One example: we used a residual product from a nearby sea wall for the foundation (rather than obtaining construction debris from elsewhere). As safety standards of working at a terminal under construction are high, investments were made in increasing safety awareness. To that end, we discussed options and supported initiatives.

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