Drone services

We offer certified drone inspections with nationwide coverage for sites, structures and roads. We realize mapping, photos and videos safely and quickly.

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Many physical inspections are a thing of the past. In fact, drone inspections can now map sites, structures and roads from a safe distance. Safety is our number one priority. Our trained pilots fly fully certified and insured drone inspections in order to reduce risky physical inspections.



During drone inspections, we take hundreds of detailed photos within a short period of time and merge them into one overall digital image of an object. The overall view displays DWG, DXF point cloud, DWG, Tiff, point cloud geotiff and LAS files. We perform multiple drone inspections that allow us to analyze baseline, progress and revisions. In this way we can show real-time progress of work.


We will analyze the inspection data and incorporate it into various reports. We can map volume calculations, cross sections, top views and heat maps during drone inspections. The data provides a reliable picture of the observed objects. Within two days of the drone inspection, you will receive the report and can take a look at the project's digital environment. We can provide advice upon your request and based on the reports.

Promotional material

In addition to mapping, we also provide communication materials in the form of photos and videos of objects.



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Volume calculations


Cross sections


Specializing in inspections of industrial assets


Industrial inspections


In partnership with Falcker, we provide insight into the current state of assets and degradation that is important in planning maintenance and service life. Falcker’s software platform developed for visual data is able to recognize degradation and link it to risks. The software can also associate photos with parts and objects in a digital twin. This is crucial for the efficient classification and processing of large amounts of (visual) data. Falcker has extensive experience in the safety and environmental risks that play a major role in industrial markets.

  • Applications
  • Oil terminals
  • Refineries
  • Civil engineering
  • Chemical plants
  • Wind Turbines