How advanced is soil remediation?

Very advanced, as we know from experience. As long as you know what you are doing. We're not going to exhaust you on that subject. We prefer to provide answers to questions such as: How long will it take? What will it cost? Depending on the requirements, what smart technology will have the best results? 

Clear plans for soil remediation

We're not going to dwell on technical details and stories about complex laws and regulations. We answer only one question: What is the effect of soil remediation for you and your budget? Dura Vermeer has all the expertise for soil remediation. We will advise on plans of action. We know how to provide soil remediation when high costs are an obstacle.

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Soil remediation opportunities

Innovations will make many things possible, and so will Dura Vermeer. For example, we are the only company in the Benelux that applies Six Phase Heating in soil remediation to remediate deeper contaminations on site. 

We heat the soil with electricity until the boiling point of the groundwater is reached. Through this process volatile solvents will evaporate. The steam is then collected and cleaned.

Would you like to know more about soil remediation? We have a clean story. Please, contact us.