Rotterdam port railroad relocated

The construction consortium SaVe (Samen Verbinden), consisting of the companies Besix, Dura Vermeer, Mobilis and the steel companies Hollandia and Iemants realized the substructure of the Theemsweg route.

Relocating this section of the port railroad between the Thomas Tunnel in the A15 and Merseyweg in the Botlek has improved the flow of both increasing freight train traffic and shipping traffic.

Construction of Trogbrug

The route includes two curved concrete trough bridges.

Construction of Trogbrug

Elevated railroad viaduct

The entire route was elevated as a concrete overpass. Most of the route was constructed using supports and precast girders. About 100 supports were created for this purpose, between the companies and existing infrastructure and partly in the water of the Caland Canal. Two curved concrete trough bridges (measuring 120 meters and 150 meters in length) were constructed at the intersection with Merseyweg, cable and pipeline routes and the local railroad.

Two arch bridges

The route also includes two steel arch bridges: one above the Rozenburgsesluis and one above the Thomassentunnel. Carefully prepared, separate operations in the spring of 2020 saw both bridges (weighing over 4,000 tons) being safely placed.  

Theemswegtrace 20190901 DV ASFALT ROZENBURG

Challenging construction project

Working in the heart of the Botlek without disrupting critical processes.

Theemswegtrace Inrijden Brug

Complex entry operations

Two steel arch bridges have been placed on the route.